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SpaceX, ULA Receive Launch Orders Under Space Systems Command’s NSSL Contract

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SpaceX, ULA Receive Launch Orders Under Space Systems Command’s NSSL Contract

The U.S. Space Systems Command has allocated 11 launch service missions to United Launch Alliance and 10 more such missions to SpaceX under the fiscal year 2024 National Security Space Launch Phase 2 Launch Service Procurement contract.

According to the SSC, the ULA launch contracts include several missions for the U.S. Space Force and the National Reconnaissance Office, including the SilentBarker 2 mission. SpaceX will likewise have several launches for the NRO and the Space Force, as well as the Space Development Agency’s Tranche 1 and Tranche 2 Transport and Tracking Layer missions.

The missions are expected to launch between 2025 and 2026. The ULA and SpaceX contracts are the last to be awarded under the NSSL Phase 2 contract, the SSC said Tuesday.

The United States has been seeking additional launch capabilities in recent months due to growing demand.

In late October, the United States and Australia signed an agreement allowing the U.S. to launch space missions from Australian spaceports. Jeremy Hallett, executive chairman of the Space Industry Association of Australia, said the deal allows Australia to satisfy the United States’ growing demand for Australian space launches.

Earlier in the month, the Space Force started looking into requirements for future spaceports so the service could identify the capacity and pace needed for near-future space launches.

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