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State Department Introduces Guidance for Responsible AI Procurement, Usage

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State Department Introduces Guidance for Responsible AI Procurement, Usage

The Department of State has unveiled a new strategy with guidance for responsible and ethical procurement and use of artificial intelligence solutions.

The “Enterprise Artificial Strategy FY 2024-2025: Empowering Diplomacy through Responsible AI” is designed to promote AI-related innovation, infrastructure, policy, governance and structure. It lays down the foundation for using the technology for various lines of work, such as diplomatic missions, information sharing, code generation and management operations.

The guidance has four goals, namely the use of secure AI infrastructure, the creation of an AI-friendly culture, responsible AI use and AI innovation. The guidance was developed in partnership with policy experts from over 25 organizations across the AI enterprise, the State Department said Thursday.

The AI guidance is part of the department’s efforts to advance digital modernization across the agency and with its partners, particularly on the cybersecurity front.

In late October, the department announced that it would evaluate its partners’ software to prepare them for the Office of Management and Budget’s new cybersecurity rules. In early September, Nathaniel Fick, the U.S. ambassador-at-large for cyberspace and digital policy, said the agency is developing a new strategy for international cooperation against cyberthreats.

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