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TMF Seeks Projects to Help Advance Biden Administration’s AI Executive Order

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TMF Seeks Projects to Help Advance Biden Administration’s AI Executive Order

The Technology Modernization Fund is seeking projects advancing the Biden administration’s “Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Development and Use of Artificial Intelligence” executive order.

According to the TMF’s call for project proposals, it will offer different funding paths to help agencies adopt AI for various purposes, including operations enhancement, program coordination, mission support and systems modernization. Proposals must include a plan for user testing, risk mitigation, evaluation metrics and senior executive support.

Proposals with an 18-month timeline and a $6 million maximum budget will receive an expedited review process, the General Services Administration said Thursday.

The TMF has been investing millions to help agencies with their modernization projects.

In January, the TMF allocated over $71 million in grants to upgrade legacy systems at the Department of Justice, the GSA and the Armed Forces Retirement Home. Clare Martorana, TMF Board chairwoman and a past Wash100 awardee, said the investments will improve cybersecurity and workforce conditions and foster customer trust.

In November, the GSA announced that the Department of Labor would receive $3.5 million in TMF allocations to support an Employee Benefits Security Administration project that would allow over 150 million beneficiaries to claim lost or due benefits.

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