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US Army Eyes Suppliers of Low-Cost, Easy-to-Use Radios

Proposals request plan

US Army Eyes Suppliers of Low-Cost, Easy-to-Use Radios

The U.S. Army’s Program Executive Office Command, Control and Communications-Tactical unit is planning to publish toward year-end a request for proposals on low-cost and user-friendly single-channel radios. 

The planned radio communications kit purchase is in line with the service’s shift to division-centric fighting from a brigade-centric one and its related communication network revamp. 

According to Col. Shermoan Daiyaan, a PEO C3T project manager, the planned radio acquisition seeks to hasten soldier training and equipment adoption across the service, while also easing allied collaboration, DefenseNews reported

Daiyaan added that the Army wants lighter, cellphone-sized radios that are easier for soldiers to train and maintain so that they can be fielded more quickly. He expects the RFP to be similar to the service’s Technical Exchange Meeting 11 held in Savannah, Georgia, in December 2022, which was focused on Army of 2030 and 2040 network design.

If matters pan out, Daiyaan said the Army’s award will involve “a larger quantity” of radios for soldiers’ field testing and units’ feedback.