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US Space Force Korea Hosts Galaxy X Cohort Members

Cultural exchange

US Space Force Korea Hosts Galaxy X Cohort Members

U.S. Space Forces Korea recently hosted Galaxy X Cohort from Space Systems Command to promote collaboration and cultural exchange.

Six fellows from the Galaxy Program flew to South Korea, spending four days engaging in several group sessions and touring various locations, including the Korean War Memorial and the Republic of Korea Space Organization unit, the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command said.

Cohort Member and SSC POM Engine Room Chief Alex Ruiz said the experience allowed the members to see how warfighters are using technologies they field and sustain. He added that it also allowed him to better understand the need for space capabilities to be integrated and resilient within the joint force.

The Galaxy Program offers participants an immersive experience, allowing them to grow personally and professionally while contributing to real-world solutions, according to Lt. Col. Joshua McCullion, U.S. Space Forces Korea commander.

The service has been working to ensure its workforce has the knowledge and experience needed to help with mission success. In early 2023, the service requested $340 million in funding to create a unit focused on operational testing and training infrastructure to ensure guardians are capable of handling future space conflicts.

In December 2022, it hosted a training event designed to support threat analysis and response capabilities.

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