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Commentary: Generative AI Could Emerge as US Army Acquisition Tool

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Commentary: Generative AI Could Emerge as US Army Acquisition Tool

The U.S. Army Acquisition Support Center is assessing how generative artificial intelligence can support defense acquisition and contracting processes, according to Lt. Col. Robert Solano, a commander of the Defense Contract Management Agency. 

In a USAASC commentary, Solano noted that some acquisition officials believe that generative AI, such as ChatGPT, can help write contract requirements, support market research and identify new solutions to address capability gaps. 

According to the commander, some Army acquisition officers are supportive of integrating ChatGPT into the contracting landscape. The technology could be adopted across the service as language models become tailored to specific styles and requirements, Solano wrote in the commentary the USAASC published.

However, he said adopting generative AI poses risks to, among others, sensitive information, transparency and fairness, accuracy and the contracting process.

Solano concluded that acquisition professionals must first consider the risks and opportunities associated with generative AI before adopting the technology.

Generative AI has been an emerging talking point across the defense sector. In May, the Department of the Air Force issued a roadmap that focused on zero trust security and generative AI. The guidance highlighted the need for policies around the use of generative AI, as well as the risks the technology poses on sensitive information sharing.