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Titania Introduces Software Module for Assessing Network Compliance With CMMC

CMMC compliance

Titania Introduces Software Module for Assessing Network Compliance With CMMC

Titania has launched a software module meant to help defense contractors gauge their compliance with the Department of Defense’s Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification standards.

The module is part of the company’s Nipper software that helps organizations stay secure by uncovering vulnerabilities in their firewalls, switches and routers.

The CMMC audit process is automated by the software module as it generates a report assessing an organizational network’s compliance with the new cybersecurity standards, supplemented by a list of priorities and remediation advice, Titania said Tuesday.

Additionally, the CMMC plugin is capable of creating a baseline to create a roadmap to compliance, documenting evidence within findings in certified assessor-ready formats and defining technical fixes to ensure that misconfigurations can be addressed.

According to Titania, the new offering accurately provides an automated assessment for 18 out of 24 security practices suggested by the DOD for core network devices.

Titania estimates that its tool will help businesses achieve compliance with up to 89 percent of CMMC core network device practices.

Colin Bowers, president of Ramparts, a provider of CMMC readiness assessment services, said in a statement that the software module saves time in the audit process and “provides objective evidence that can be used during a CMMC assessment and remediation options during CMMC pre-assessments.”

The DOD’s new cybersecurity program requires prime and subcontractors to be certified to ensure that they have the necessary protections to secure sensitive information. CMMC has five maturity levels ranging from basic cyber hygiene to advanced/progressive controls.

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