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True Anomaly Secures Space Force Contract for Victus Haze Mission

Space threat mitigation

True Anomaly Secures Space Force Contract for Victus Haze Mission

The U.S. Space Force’s Space Systems Command has awarded True Anomaly a $30 million contract for the Victus Haze Tactically Responsive Space mission.

The contract, awarded through the Emergent Need Small Business Innovation Research program and in collaboration with SpaceWERX, aims to develop innovative solutions for future TacRS operations, True Anomaly said.

With True Anomaly contributing half of the funding, Victus Haze is a $60 million effort focused on developing advanced spacecraft and corresponding tactics for the Space Force to effectively respond to potential spaceborne threats.

Alongside collaborator Rocket Lab, True Anomaly’s participation in Victus Haze will involve building rendezvous- and proximity operation-capable space vehicles along with their respective command and control centers. The build phase’s target completion date is in 2025.

The project will then transition through various stages, including a “hot standby” phase where the system will wait for a rapid launch request and the launch of a True Anomaly Jackal AOV post-activation.

To ensure a swift launch capability, True Anomaly is also partnering with SSC’s Space Safari team and a trusted commercial launch provider to establish expedited launch pathways for the government.

True Anomaly’s Victus Haze selection comes after the company was granted a $1.63 million contract under the SpaceWERX TacRS Challenge to demonstrate its ability to rapidly integrate payload onto its Jackal AOV.

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