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TSA, European Airports to Collaborate on Open Architecture Screening Technology

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TSA, European Airports to Collaborate on Open Architecture Screening Technology

The Transportation Security Administration has met with members of Airports Council International Europe to discuss collaboration on security screening technology.

ACI Europe is a trade group representing more than 500 members in 55 countries, TSA said. The organization accounts for 90 percent of commercial air traffic on the continent.

During the meeting in Brussels, TSA leaders reached an agreement in principle with executives from London Heathrow, Avinor, the European Organization for Security and others to pursue open architecture security systems. 

The effort will involve a focus on open data formats, standard interfaces and the creation of a cybersecurity approach to screening technologies, TSA said.

Oliver Jankovec, director general of ACI Europe, said that the meeting will have an impact on existing efforts as well as on future applications and partnerships.

“The fact that security equipment manufacturers have now joined our dialogue speaks volumes for our vision and the standards we are setting,” Jankovec added.

TSA said that it has been collaborating with international partners to update the Open Architecture for Airport Security Systems first published in July 2021.

The document’s signatories include ACI, the Department of Homeland Security, the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority and the British Department of Transport.

ACI Europe also partnered with the European Organization to create a mechanism for stakeholders to develop technical recommendations and address issues in liability, intellectual property and others.

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