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US Cyber Command’s Civilian Workers Join Army Cyber Team

US Army takeover

US Cyber Command’s Civilian Workers Join Army Cyber Team

The U.S. Army announced that it had absorbed some 350 Air Force civilian employees, as the Army Cyber Command took the Combatant Command Support Agent role for the U.S. Cyber Command, effective June 2.

The Air Force had CCSA jurisdiction over USCC since the cyber unit’s inception in 2017 until Congress mandated the agent authority transfer to the Army under the National Authorization Act. The CCSA, which provides administrative and logistical support to combatant commands, will grow the units’ civilian workforce to over 700 personnel, Army .mil reported Monday.

ARCYBER led the transition process for the civilian employees from the Air Force to the Army, which officials see as a logical transfer with USCC’s main base at Fort Meade, Maryland. Jeffrey Jones, ARCYBER deputy to the commanding general, described the move as a “monumental effort” to ensure care for the transferring civilians. The transfer “brings a highly talented workforce into the Army footprint,” he added.

One project that the USCC is set to undertake is a new program executive office to support various activities within the Joint Cyber Warfighting Architecture, Cybercom Acquisition Executive Khoi Nguyen disclosed at a recent C4ISRNET event.

ARCYBER’s functions include integrating and conducting electromagnetic warfare to support decision-making dominance among friendly forces while denying it to adversaries.

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