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US, Partner Countries Agree to Strengthen Anti-Ransomware Collaboration

International Counter

Ransomware Initiative

US, Partner Countries Agree to Strengthen Anti-Ransomware Collaboration

The United States recently hosted a meeting with 48 countries and representatives from the European Union and Interpol to strengthen efforts in combating ransomware attacks

During the International Counter Ransomware Initiative meeting, allied countries and organizations agreed to launch a project to explore ways artificial intelligence can be used to counter ransomware attacks

Participants also supported a policy statement declaring that the initiative members should prevent ransomware actors from receiving payments through threat information sharing and collaboration to disrupt ransomware actors and their resources, the White House said.

The Department of the Treasury will provide members a list of digital wallets cybercriminals use to access ransomware proceeds, enabling member countries to identify and freeze suspicious transactions. 

Other efforts discussed in the meeting include establishing a mentorship and tactical training program for new CRI members to build their cyber capacity and creating a website where members can request assistance to address ransomware threats.

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