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US, Russia Plan Joint Crew Delivery Flights to ISS Through 2025

International Space


US, Russia Plan Joint Crew Delivery Flights to ISS Through 2025

Russian state space company Roscosmos has announced that it will keep working with the United States on crew delivery cross-flights to the International Space Station until at least 2025.

Washington and Moscow have continued coordinating on space efforts after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Phys .org reported.

NASA and Roscosmos are expected to maintain at least one representative each on the ISS. According to Roscosmos, the agreement is intended to preserve the station’s reliability.

Russia stated earlier in 2023 that it plans to use the ISS until 2028, contradicting prior plans to leave after 2024. In 2022, NASA and Roscosmos gave assurances that they would continue joint operations of the ISS past 2024 and potentially until 2030, when it is scheduled to reach nominal end-of-life.

NASA has looked into commercial solutions to deorbit the ISS via a controlled reentry.

Launched in 1998, the station also hosts Canadian, Japanese and European space projects.

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