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US Space Force Office Oversees Ground Network for Dynamic Space Operations

Rapid Resilient Command

and Control

US Space Force Office Oversees Ground Network for Dynamic Space Operations

The U.S. Space Force’s Space Rapid Capabilities Office is leading the development of operating tools for maneuverable satellites.

The office set up Rapid Resilient Command and Control after acquisition head Frank Calvelli shifted tasks away from the Enterprise Ground Services program, which is intended to consolidate the Space Force’s ground systems. Col. Greg Hoffman, the Space RCO’s strategic capabilities acquisition delta, explained that the move is meant to narrow EGS’ focus and accelerate capability delivery.

With R2C2, the service seeks to advance the U.S. Space Command’s requirement for dynamic space operations, the ability to maneuver satellites to dodge debris and better observe objects of interest. Most spacecraft remain in a fixed position throughout their lifecycles.

Hoffman stressed that, in addition to larger fuel tanks and in-orbit refueling ports, modernizing ground architecture will be critical to achieving dynamic space operations. He said hardware and software upgrades and more resilient networks will be necessary.

According to Hoffman, R2C2 will be a system of systems spanning all the ground-based elements for satellite operations. He added that commercial capabilities are expected to play a role in the program, C4ISRNET reported.

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