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US Unveils International Cyberspace Strategy, Urges Digital Solidarity

Technology diplomacy

US Unveils International Cyberspace Strategy, Urges Digital Solidarity

The U.S. State Department has released its International Cyberspace and Digital Policy Strategy, outlining a cooperative approach to international technology diplomacy.

In line with the National Security Strategy and the National Cybersecurity Strategy, the international strategy aims to foster an innovative, secure and rights-respecting digital world, the State Department said.

The core principle of the strategy is “digital solidarity,” a collaborative approach that encourages unity and collective effort among nations, sharing resources and knowledge to enhance partners’ capabilities and to foster a supportive environment.

The strategy seeks to achieve the goal through three guiding principles: an international law-based vision for cyberspace, integrating cybersecurity with development and innovation and using a comprehensive diplomatic approach.

It also details four action areas, including building a secure digital ecosystem, ensuring a rights-respecting approach to digital and data governance, promoting responsible behavior and strengthening international cybersecurity capabilities.

To advance digital solidarity, the State Department said the United States will collaborate with international partners to shape the development, use and governance of cyberspace technologies and welcomes all who share its goals of fostering a safe and equitable digital space.

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