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USPTO Grants OQ Technology Patents for Frequency, Timing Synchronization Technologies

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USPTO Grants OQ Technology Patents for Frequency, Timing Synchronization Technologies

OQ Technology has secured patents from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its frequency and timing synchronization technologies, which the company currently uses to communicate with its 5G internet of things satellite constellation. The technologies are designed for rapid transmission of data between the satellites and ground stations to enable real-time asset monitoring, drone control and vehicle telematics, among other IoT applications.

OQ Technology has patent applications in the U.S. and the European Union for three more technologies, namely IoT device localization, inter-satellite link technology, and a satellite system design and network architecture for cellular IoT communication between space and Earth stations, Satellite Evolution Group reported.

USPTO previously issued a patent for OQ Technology’s “wake-up” smart power-saving solution. The product is built to enable communication between OQ’s terminal IoT devices and base satellite station only when needed, helping the company meet the 10-year battery-life goal set by 3GPP standards for narrowband IoT wireless communications.

The satellite operator is planning to expand its space architecture to improve 5G coverage for IoT devices. In March 2023, OQ Technology will launch its Macsat satellite on a Vega-C rocket rideshare mission to demonstrate advanced 5G IoT services for the Luxembourg government through a contract with the European Space Agency. Following the demonstration, the spacecraft will be used to provide commercial connectivity services to OQ customers.

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