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USSPACECOM Asks for Additional $67M for Unfunded Requirements

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USSPACECOM Asks for Additional $67M for Unfunded Requirements

The U.S. Space Command is seeking an additional $67 million as part of its fiscal year 2022 unfunded priority list to fully meet operational needs and improve capabilities and tech development efforts.

Of the requested amount, $26.8 million is being earmarked to allow USSPACECOM to achieve full operational capability.

According to USSPACECOM Commander Gen. James Dickinson, a lack of financial support has forced the combatant command to put unfunded priorities on hold, delaying the achievement of FOC status, C4ISRNET reported.

Dickinson said in a letter to Congress that the setback jeopardizes the command’s ability to outpace adversaries.

Investments in space domain awareness account for the biggest chunk in the USSPACECOM’s wish list at $30.2 million. The money would enable the command to conduct 24/7 domain awareness operations and integrate interim commercial capabilities.

The remaining $10 million would be set aside for a Joint Space Rapid Experimentation and Demonstration pilot program.

Dickinson told lawmakers that the pilot would speed up tech demonstrations and prototyping efforts while increasing partnerships with nontraditional vendors.

Other combatant commands have also submitted requests for unfunded priorities.

The U.S. Cyber Command asked Congress for $93.4 million in additional funding, most of which would go towards reinforcing Department of Defense networks.

A larger request was made by the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command. The command’s $20 billion wish list includes funding for building a defensive ring around Guam, supporting partner nations and increasing stockpiles of long-range weapons.

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