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USSPACECOM Forms New Joint Task Force to Streamline Space Operations

New Space Command


USSPACECOM Forms New Joint Task Force to Streamline Space Operations

The U.S. Space Command has established the Combined Joint Task Force-Space Operations, a new organization tasked to streamline space operations and provide satellite-based services to military forces on the ground. CJTF-SO will ensure the efforts of the Joint Task Force-Space Defense and the Combined Force Space Component Command are coordinated to enable an agile response to space threats, including those from U.S. adversaries such as China. Army Maj. Gen. Thomas James, the former commander of the JTF-SD, will lead the new organization in an acting capacity until a three-star commander is nominated and confirmed to hold the position, the U.S. Space Command said.

CFSCC, in charge of delivering GPS navigation and satellite-based communications to U.S. commanders and allied nations, and JTF-SD, which provides alerts regarding potential threats to in-orbit satellites, will report to CJTF-SO to unify their efforts. According to Army Gen. James Dickinson, USSPACECOM commander, the capability to rapidly respond to threats will help deter aggression and prevail in conflict.

Serving as a joint force command, CJTF-SO will employ about 125 personnel from various military services. Maj. Gen. Brook Leonard, CJTF-SO director of operations, said the command’s establishment is part of an effort to mature the Department of Defense’s space enterprise organizations. He noted that operational integration is the missing link between strategic and tactical operations.

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