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Veterans Affairs Department Uses AI to Support Patients, Employees

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Veterans Affairs Department Uses AI to Support Patients, Employees

The Department of Veterans Affairs is ramping up its artificial intelligence usage to improve patient care and employee satisfaction.

Kimberly McManus, VA’s deputy chief technology officer of AI, specified that the technology could improve radiology services for veterans, with new use cases emerging for dermatology and pathology, Federal News Network reported.

The agency has managed to identify various AI use cases in health care since the release of President Joe Biden’s executive order. One algorithm, Recovery Engagement and Coordination for Health – Veterans Enhanced Treatment, processes data to identify patients at risk of self-harm.

In an interview with Federal News Network, McManus explained that such models analyze clinical risk factors for suicide noted in electronic health records.

She went on to note that, in addition to broad improvements to staff experience, AI could support the reduction of administrative burdens and tedium.

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