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Voyager to Integrate Palantir AI-Powered Solutions to Its Offerings Under Expanded MOU

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Voyager to Integrate Palantir AI-Powered Solutions to Its Offerings Under Expanded MOU

Space exploration company Voyager Space is working to expand its capabilities under a new partnership with artificial intelligence solutions provider Palantir Technologies.

An expansion of an existing memorandum of understanding, the new deal allows Voyager to integrate the Palantir Foundry and the Artificial Intelligence Platform solutions into its payload management system for use in the International Space Station and the upcoming Starlab commercial space station.

The integration of Palantir AI solutions will provide the defense community with greater access to space. It will also improve communications, intelligence and space research, and military research and development, Voyager Space said.

Palantir Chief Technology Officer Shyam Sankar said that the expanded MOU is part of the company’s commitment to provide innovative AI solutions for all industries. He added that with the Voyager partnership, Palantir is contributing to the expansion of what can be done with AI, driving the development of resilient infrastructure and protecting national security.

The partnership is also expected to drive innovation in flight and test of solid fuel thrusters.

Voyager Space is among the companies providing support for the Starlab commercial space station development initiative. In January 2023, its partnership with Airbus Defence and Space received funding from NASA to work on the upcoming space station’s technical design.

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