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Wallaroo.AI to Support USSF Effort to Automate Space Operations

Machine learning models

Wallaroo.AI to Support USSF Effort to Automate Space Operations

The U.S. Space Force is collaborating with a vendor to help deploy artificial intelligence-enabled solutions to space.

Machine learning model company Wallaroo .AI is the latest organization to enter the U.S. Space Force’s TAP Lab accelerator program. It will work on an AI platform prototype, enabling the service branch to operationalize machine learning models using unclassified data.

Wallaroo .AI’s machine learning will focus on object detection, including identifying deceptive spacecraft behavior and launch warnings, SpaceNews reported.

Jim Cunningham, the Department of Defense business development lead at Wallaroo .AI, said the company will be establishing the AI infrastructure that will host a machine learning model that will create automated decision chains, including threat detection and commander response.

Besides collaborating with the TAP Lab, Wallaroo .AI also worked with ARWERX, the innovation arm of the Department of the Air Force, to provide machine learning models at the edge with radiation-tolerant commercial off-the-shelf integrated circuits to help solve on-orbit challenges.

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