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XENDEE Selected by INL for Net-Zero Carbon Microgrid Program

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XENDEE Selected by INL for Net-Zero Carbon Microgrid Program

San Diego-headquartered XENDEE Corporation announced that it has partnered with Idaho National Laboratory to build a design platform for net-zero carbon microgrids. The platform will consider a wide variety of distributed energy and sustainable technologies, including solar photovoltaic, battery storage, electric vehicle fast-charging stations, hydrokinetic power, hydro-storage, traditional combined heat and power systems, and small nuclear reactors to optimize Microgrid designs and minimize environmental impacts while also capturing the best return on investment, XENDEE said Wednesday.

XENDEE develops advanced software for financial & technical optimization and operation of resilient Microgrids and renewable energy systems. The Net-Zero Carbon platform is based on XENDEE’s Microgrid design and operation software, which will act as the optimization engine, power flow simulation tool, and cloud-based Microgrid operator.

Michael Stadler, chief technology officer of XENDEE, said Net-Zero Carbon Microgrids offer an exceptional solution to large public and private energy consumers, lifting the burden of centralized distribution, ensuring long-term energy security, and specifically addressing greenhouse gases as a priority parameter for technical design.

XENDEE said that the INL has identified 25 functional requirements necessary for developing a Net Zero Carbon Microgrid Planning and Design Tool. It was emphasized that the INL performed extensive pre-procurement market research and XENDEE was identified as the only solution with a comprehensive platform that met all the 25 requirements.

Essential to the overarching objective of the program is the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in view of the fact that traditional generators running on fossil fuels still make up the backbone of most Microgrid implementations, the company added.

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