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Raytheon, IronNet Partner for OT/IT Cybersecurity

Raytheon, IronNet Partner for OT/IT Cybersecurity

Raytheon has partnered with IronNet, a provider of large-scale network security, to develop cyber solutions for operational and information technology systems. Enterprise protection will be delivered by combining managed security services with advanced analysis and threat sharing tools, Raytheon announced Wednesday.

The companies are working to bolster systems that provide sensing, control, networking and analytics functions. John DeSimone, a Raytheon cybersecurity executive, said that the cyber posture of critical infrastructure is now a national security concern instead of just a private-sector one.

IronNet co-CEO Keith Alexander commended Raytheon for its role in providing security to government agencies, global businesses and nations. He said that collaborations can improve one's ability to see and defend against incoming threats. 

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