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Navy Needs Smaller, More Lethal Ships to Balance Capabilities, Official Says

Fred Pyle,

Director, OPNAV N96

US Navy

Navy Needs Smaller, More Lethal Ships to Balance Capabilities, Official Says

The U.S. Navy’s director of surface warfare said the service may need to adjust its modernization plans to include more frigates and smaller, more capable ships.

Rear Adm. Fred Pyle, a past Potomac Officers Club speaker, shared that the Constellation-class frigate could help improve the balance of the Navy’s surface warfare capabilities because it offers similar capabilities as the Arleigh Burke-class destroyers but is delivered in a smaller and more affordable platform. According to Pyle, the Navy plans to produce four frigates a year.

Pyle’s comments are in line with the as-yet classified findings of the 2023 Battle Force Ship Assessment and Requirement study, which Pyle said shows the value of having several small surface combatants, Defense News reported Wednesday.

The Navy fielded new surface and undersea vessels in recent months as part of its efforts to modernize its fleet.

During the Integrated Battle Problem 23.2 exercise in the Indo-Pacific region, the Navy tested four unmanned surface vehicles to see how they could work alongside manned ships operated by the United States and its allies. The USVs sailed from California to the U.S. 7th Fleet headquarters in Japan and were used for mission planning and operational support.

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