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Report Suggests AI Roles to Advance US Renewable Energy Development

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Report Suggests AI Roles to Advance US Renewable Energy Development

Researchers and scientists from U.S. national laboratories have collaborated on a new report on artificial intelligence approaches that the Department of Energy can use to accelerate renewable energy development at lesser risks and costs. 

Behind the report titled “AI for Energy” are the Argonne National Laboratory, the DOE’s Idaho National Laboratory, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the National Energy Technology Laboratory, with contributions from peer labs, including the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The report resulted from a three-month review of inputs from a two-day workshop of AI, machine learning and energy professionals at Argonne in December 2023, ORNL said Friday.

The 64-page report details the cross-cutting needs for AI technology in five energy mission areas, including nuclear power, power grid, carbon management and energy storage. The report’s key findings identify the challenges and opportunities in AI use, such as creating cyber-safe and all-hazards resilient and secure energy systems in the power grid.

Prasanna Balaprakash, ORNL’s AI programs director, described the report as timely, with creating secure, reliable and responsible AI systems emerging as a top priority for the development of sustainable energy infrastructures.

ORNL is overseeing three DOE-funded research projects seeking ways to accelerate fusion energy’s adoption into the power grid to meet the rising demand for zero-carbon power generation while coping with security concerns on power facilities.

In November 2023, ORNL joined the Trillion Parameter Consortium, which tackles the challenges of large-scale AI systems and builds the technology’s capabilities for scientific discoveries. 

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