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Space Warfighting Analysis Center Has Unique Functions, Official Says

David Thompson,

Vice Chief of Space Ops,

US Space Force

Space Warfighting Analysis Center Has Unique Functions, Official Says

Vice Chief of Space Operations Gen. David Thompson, a past Potomac Officers Club event speaker, said there is no overlap in the functions of the Space Warfighting Analysis Center and the Space Security and Defense Program.

Thompson pointed out the unique value offered by the SWAC during an event hosted by the Mitchell Institute amid backlash from lawmakers, who denied the nascent organization a $37 million budget due to perceived duplication of functions with SSDP.

He explained that the U.S. Space Force’s SWAC handles the force design and configuration of the nation’s myriad satellite fleets while SSDP, which is jointly managed by the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community, focuses on the “protect and defend” mission for U.S. military and spy satellites, Breaking Defense reported Wednesday.

Thompson said SSDP is not chartered to make decisions regarding the design of the nation’s space data relay and positioning, navigation and timing enterprises.

Another cause of concern for lawmakers is the SWAC’s overlap with the National Reconnaissance Office, particularly in the area of buying commercial intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance data.

The Space Force addressed the concern, saying it has begun contributing to the NRO’s mission of providing airborne ISR data to offer more resilient coverage for future fights with peer competitors.

According to Thompson, there will be plenty of work to distribute between the Space Force and the IC.

SWAC was launched in line with the CSO Planning Guidance released in November by Space Force head Gen. Jay Raymond. The organization is working on finalizing an architecture study for the composition of a U.S. missile warning satellite network.

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