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Spacecom Strategic Plan to Highlight AI, Digital Superiority

James Dickinson



Spacecom Strategic Plan to Highlight AI, Digital Superiority

U.S. Space Command plans to adopt more artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to maintain its digital superiority over its adversaries, according to its top official. 

Spacecom Commander James Dickinson said he will soon release a strategic plan highlighting digital superiority as a foundation, National Defense Magazine reported Tuesday.

“We must innovate to achieve and maintain our competitive advantage. We must evolve cyber operations in order to maintain an agile and resilient posture. And we must invest in game-changing technologies to include artificial intelligence and machine learning," Dickinson said at a virtual event hosted by the Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies. 

Chief of Space Operations John Raymond, a past Potomac Officers Club event speaker, re-established Spacecom in 2019 as the 11th U.S. combatant command. 

Spacecom is responsible for all military operations conducted above 100 km and supports the Department of Defense's mission to excel in the space warfighting domain. 

Dickinson said he has a working relationship with U.S. Cyber Command Commander Paul Nakasone, a 2020 Wash100 winner. Spacecom and Cybercom already have joint integrated planning elements, Dickinson said. 

He said maintaining a strong relationship with Cybercom is important as digital superiority is essential for both terrestrial and space operations. 

Dickinson's strategic vision for Spacecom also includes educating and training warfighters, integrating commercial and interagency organizations and achieving full operational capability to “compete and win” in space. 

The timeline for Spacecom's operational goal depends on factors such as its number of personnel and the types of skill and talent they have, Dickinson said. 

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