Amar Tappouni

Amar Tappouni

Principal, Aerospace

Booz Allen

Mr. Amar Tappouni is a Principal/Director with Booz Allen Aerospace account. As an Aerospace Technical Development and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Lead, is responsible for an innovation team that delivers Digital, Analytical and AI capabilities to the Air Force, Space Force and NASA.

During his 20-year tenure at Booz Allen, Mr. Tappouni has played a multitude of leadership roles, to include being the Aerospace Digital Transformation Group Lead, Principal lead for Global Defense Sector (GDS) Contested Logistics Tiger team, Principal Lead for GDS Functional Talent, and the Aerospace Digital Functional Community Lead.

Mr. Tappouni built his experience as a business leader of large software, engineering and analytics capablity teams that deliver digital solutions, services and products to the U.S. Air Force. His experience as a technical and business leader has included the development and implementation of multiple digital transformation systems that have had multi-service impact across more than 30 Air Force, Army and Space Force organizations. The work of his teams has empowered more than 50,000 users to gain capablity, increase efficiency, and ultimately improve mission effectiveness.

Prior to his time at Booz Allen Hamilton, Mr. Tappouni was a Senior Data Analyst for Northrop Grumman supporting both Joint and Navy organizations through his modeling, simulation, and data analytics knowledge. Mr. Tappouni graduated from Virginia Tech with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering. He has been certified as an Agile Scrum Master, Program Management Professional (PMP), and completed various AI training curriculum.

As a seasoned leader, he enjoys building, leading and collaborating with diverse teams and he has a passion for helping clients solve technical challenges aligned to their mission.

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