Brian Schreffler

Brian Schreffler

Chief Technology Officer

Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI)

Brian Schreffler is the Chief Technology Officer for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. Mr. Schreffler provides leadership to the directorates, offices and centers of the ODNI to continuously adopt technical innovations to improve the ODNI’s ability to accomplish its diverse mission. He also leads the enterprise strategy to provide robust and secure information technology environments across multiple classification boundaries. The Technology Integration Group Mr. Schreffler leads is responsible for creating policy and technical guidance, delivering enterprise strategies, transitioning cutting edge technologies into the enterprise, and managing enterprise shared services teams providing rapid development capabilities to ODNI mission.

Throughout his nearly 30 years serving the United States first in uniform, as a technical consultant and as a federal civilian holding positions in the US Secret Service, the Department of State and across the Intelligence Community he has been a change agent, driving organizations to accelerate adoption of new technologies and leading cultural change. He is driven to challenge the all too familiar phrase, “but we’ve always done it that way”. Mr. Schreffler looks for the data behind the decisions to work with the organizations to find more effective and efficient ways of leveraging technology to accomplish the organization’s mission.

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