Col. William Young Jr.

Col. William Young Jr.

Commander, 350th Spectrum Warfare Wing

Department of the Air Force

Colonel William E. Young, Jr is the Commander, 350th Spectrum Warfare Wing, Eglin AFB, Florida. The 350th SWW is comprised of over 1200 current and 2131 planned military and civilian personnel across eight units at three locations throughout the United States. Col. Young leads delivery of electromagnetic spectrum capabilities to 69 United States and Foreign Partner electromagnetic warfare systems. Additionally, Col. Young is responsible for electromagnetic warfare reprogramming, modeling and simulation, and assessments. He advises the USAF Warfare Center Commander and Department of the Air Force senior leaders on the integration of technology, policy, and operations to enable forces to attain Spectrum Warfare (SW) superiority.

Col. Young was commissioned in 1991 after graduating from the United States Air Force Academy. He is a Distinguished Graduate of the US Air Force Weapons School and possesses a PhD in Engineering Systems from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Col. Young was also a Military Fellow at MIT Lincoln Laboratories in the Cyber System Assessments Group and a member of the Red Team. He also established and was the initial Director of the Air Force’s Cyber College at Maxwell AFB, Alabama. Col. Young is an Instructor Electronic Warfare Officer with more than 2,500 flying hours primarily in the EA-6B and B-52 aircraft, including 240 combat hours during Operation ENDURING FREEDOM. Prior to his current position Col. Young was Special Assistant for Spectrum Warfare, Eglin AFB, Fla.

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