Donald Kelley

Donald Kelley

Fusion Cell Lead

U.S. Marine Corps Systems Command

Mr. Kelley received his Navy commission in 1984 upon graduating from the University of Utah NROTC with a Bachelor’s of Science in Political Science. He served in the United States Navy from 1984 – 1996, serving onboard Destroyers and Cruisers in 7th and 3rd Fleet. He attended the Naval Post-Graduate School 1989-1991, earning a Master of Science in Information Systems.

He continued his Navy career in the NAVAL Reserves retiring in 2007,with the rank of Commander. Between 1996 and 2001, Mr. Kelley worked in private industry at Hughes Aircraft Company, Raytheon, Ocean Systems Engineering Corporation as a Senior System Engineer and at EG&G as the Program Manager of the Radar Support Contract for PMS 465 Navy Radar Programs.

In 2001 Mr. Kelley left industry and joined NAVSEA, PEO IWS 6 as the CEC Surface Integration Manager, responsible for the integration of CEC with AEGIS and SSDS Navy Ships. In 2004 he was the PEO IWS point of contact to the Single Integrated Air Picture (SIAP) program. In 2006 he was promoted to the Director of Strategic Planning for PEO IWS 6 and was responsible for the Track Management, Display and Navigation systems strategic plans. In 2007 he received the Civilian Meritorious Medal for his efforts within PEO IWS 6. Mr. Kelley reported to MARCORSYSCOM in 2007 as the Team Lead and acting Deputy Program Manager for USMC CREW. He was responsible for the procurement, fielding and sustainment of USMC CREW systems in support of the Marines in OIF and OEF. In 2009 Mr. Kelley was selected as the Product Director for the CAC2S Phase II, responsible for the acquisition, development and procurement of CAC2S Phase 2 software and hardware. In 2012, he received his second Civilian Meritorious Medal for his efforts during the CAC2S Phase 2 Demonstration Contract and the CAC2S Phase 2 Engineering, Manufacturing and Development Contract source selection. In Sep 2012 Mr. Kelley was selected as the Deputy Program Manager AC2SN, responsible for the development, procurement and sustainment of CAC2S, CTN, MACCS Sustainment and TBMCS programs. In Dec 2015 Mr. Kelley received his third Civilian Meritorious Medal for leadership and institutionalizing Better Buying Power within AC2SN.

In Jan 2016, Mr. Kelley was hand selected to be the Chief of Staff for the Program Executive Officer, Land Systems (PEO LS). As Chief of Staff, he provided support to the six program offices which developed, fielded and sustained the light, medium and heavy tactical vehicles, amphibious assault vehicles, and the TPS-80 Radar systems, the M777 towed artillery and the CAC2S, TBMCS and CTN systems. In Aug 2018, Mr. Kelley was chosen to stand up the Ground Based Air Defense (GBAD) Program Office with the mission of rapidly developing and deploying the Marine Air Defense
Integrated System (MADIS) to meet the Counter – Air (Rotary Wing/Fixed Wing) and Counter – Unmanned Aerial Systems threat faced by our Marines. Additionally, he is responsible for maintaining legacy AMANPADS/stinger systems and the development of the Counter – Cruise Missile, Medium
Range Intercept Capability that integrates the CAC2S, TPS-80 and Israeli Iron Dome Components/Tamir Missile. Within his portfolio of programs he has executed a budget of $1.4B from 2019 thru 2023 and is programed $2.6B within PB24 (FY24-FY28). Mr. Kelley was awarded the 2021 Lawrence P. Kreitzer Leadership Award for Acquisition Innovation and Excellence and the Civilian Superior Service Medal for his accomplishments within PM GBAD. In 2023 he was assigned as the MARCORSYSCOM Liaison to the Marine Corps Warfighting Lab to accelerate S&T projects to programs in support of the Commandant’s Force Design 2030.

Mr. Kelley is married to Karla Kelley (Martin) going on 30 years. He has four children and four grandchildren. He has coached multiple All Star Baseball teams and his wife and he have recently taken up golf.

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