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Doug Robbins

Doug Robbins

Vice President, Air Force Programs, Center for Programs and Technology


Douglas Robbins is Vice President, Air Force Programs for The MITRE Corporation. In this role, Mr. Robbins sets strategy and priorities to ensure MITRE delivers technical capabilities in support of Air Force mission objectives.

Mr. Robbins previously served as Director of Strategic Development for MITRE’s campus in Bedford, Massachusetts. In this role, he executed a strategy focused on shifts in the company’s work program, and developed needed capabilities and high-touch engagement approaches with academia; and established new and impactful partnerships within the Boston-area innovation ecosystem.

As associate executive director for the Enterprise Integration Division in MITRE’s Command and Control Center, which focuses on developing enterprise scale solutions in partnership with USAF, joint service warfighters, and coalition forces, Mr. Robbins’ focus included command and control of Remotely Piloted Vehicles, Information Architecture for ISR Systems, AF Special Operations, and Joint Personnel Recovery.

Mr. Robbins established a warfighter-focused, rapid prototyping department dedicated to delivering innovative solutions to MITRE’s warfighting customers. Prior to establishing the department, Mr. Robbins led the USAF Cursor on Target project, and proposed and was awarded internal research and development projects focused on Adaptive RF Links and Quality of Service for Tactical Link Layer Networks.

He left MITRE for two years to pursue a lead design position at ITT in Clifton, NJ. In this role, Mr. Robbins designed and developed embedded real-time controller software for both the Advanced SINCGARS Improvement Program and Bowman radio systems. He returned to MITRE at the Fort Monmouth site in 1999, contributing to Layered Radio MITRE sponsored research project.

As a MITRE junior staffer, Mr. Robbins contributed to several communications-related embedded systems hardware and software design projects, including JTIDS terminal interface devices, a modem for a novel covert communications scheme, and a voice processing board used by the Mounted Warfare Test bed tank simulator training facility.

Mr. Robbins received his bachelor of science in electrical engineering with a concentration in communications from the University of Maine in 1993, and a master’s degree with a concentration in digital signal processing from Stevens Institute of Technology in 1999. He has also completed the General Management Program at Harvard Business School.

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