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Dr. Benji Maruyama

Dr. Benji Maruyama

Principal Materials Research Engineer, AFRL

U.S. Air Force

Dr. Benji Maruyama is a Principal Materials Research Engineer in the Air Force Research Laboratory, Materials & Manufacturing Directorate, Autonomous Materials Lead & ACT3 (Autonomous Capabilities Team 3) Liaison lead. His focus area is the synthesis and processing science of carbon nanotubes using ARES™ which is the first fully Autonomous Research (ARES) Robot for materials. Dr. Maruyama’s interests include the research process itself, for which he promotes the “Moore’s Law for the speed of research”. He is also the point of contact for carbon materials for the AFRL Materials & Manufacturing Directorate. His materials interests include carbon nanomaterials, materials to combat global climate change, energy storage, field emission, carbon, polymer & metal matrix composites, and AI/Machine Learning. He is currently involved in the study of the origins of chiral growth for carbon nanotubes, catalysis and autonomous experimentation.

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