Dr. Steven Rogers

Dr. Steven Rogers

Senior Scientist, AI/ML

U.S. Department of the Air Force

Dr. Steven “Cap” Rogers is a USAF Senior Scientist for Artificial Intelligence enabled Autonomy. Dr. Rogers leads the AFRL Autonomy Capability Team (ACT3) in the rapid advancement of autonomy R&D to operationalize AI at scale for the USAF and USSF. Dr. Rogers’ personal research focuses on QUalia Exploitation of Sensing Technology (QuEST); how to build autonomous systems by replicating the engineering characteristics of consciousness.

Dr. Rogers’ extensive career spanned both government service and civilian industry. After 20 years active-duty Air Force service, he founded Qualia Computing, Inc., a company for developing practical applications of advanced information processing techniques for medical products. At Qualia Computing, he led the effort to bring intelligent information processing to women's healthcare. Under his direction, the company not only became the leader in mammography computer-aided detection of breast cancer, but it also developed a multi-modality CAD platform to facilitate the quick and efficient application of the technology to many medical problems.

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