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Jim Martin

Jim Martin

Director, NRO Survivability Assurance Office and Defense Technical Executive

National Reconnaissance Office (NRO)

Mr. James R. Martin was assigned as Director, Survivability Assurance Office (SAO) in April 2017. He is responsible for a wide variety of NRO survivability and resiliency programs designed to ensure space-based Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) programs can operate through contested space environments. SAO develops technologies, operating concepts, and operational capabilities for integration into NRO space and ground systems. In addition, Mr. Martin will continue to serve as the NRO Defense Technical Director (DTE), a position he has held since April 2016. In this role, he serves as an advisor to the NRO Director and Deputy Director on NRO support to the Combatant Commands and military services for advanced warfighting concepts, missile defense, and air/space integration. He serves as the lead NRO focal point to many Department of Defense and Joint Staff offices as Director, SAO and NRO DTE.

In July 2013, he was assigned to the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence (OUSD(I) as Director for Defense Intelligence (DDI) for Strategy, Programs and Resources (ISP&R). Mr. Martin was the principal staff assistant to the USD(I) for all matters related to intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance system capabilities, overseeing a portfolio of nearly $25B spanning all the services and five defense agencies.

From July 2011, Mr. Martin served as the Director, Business Plans and Operations for the National Reconnaissance Office. He was responsible for overseeing the NRO’s budget, finance, cost estimating, external communications, business systems, and strategic operations. He led seven directorates that supported NRO Program Executive Officers and Program Managers, and was a key advocate for the 2014 NRO architecture changes that were considered the largest in twenty five years.

In January 2007, Mr. Martin was appointed as Director, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Programs, Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Portfolio, Programs and Resources), OUSD(I). He was responsible for oversight of numerous space, air, and ground programs with intelligence capabilities across the armed services and defense agencies.

From 2002, Mr. Martin served as Chief, Force Structure and Investment, with National Security Division of the Office of Management and Budget. From there he provided oversight of nearly $200B in Defense Research, Development, Test and Evaluation, Procurement, and Military Construction programs, as well as the National Nuclear Security Agency of the Department of Energy.

Mr. Martin retired from the United States Air Force in 1998, having served in a variety of assignments including navigator and electronic warfare officer in B-52 and RC-135 aircraft; and in staff positions at the NRO; Defense Intelligence Agency; and numerous headquarters positions at United States Space
Command, Air Force Space Command and the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

Mr. Martin is married to Catherine Martin and between them they have seven children and eight

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