Martin Amen

Martin Amen

Vice President and General Manager

Cubic Nuvotronics

Martin Amen is an executive driven by strong experience in profit and loss leadership and business growth. He takes particular pride in providing the best possible environment for technical innovation combined with a managed risk approach to execution. As the VP and general manager for Cubic Nuvotronics, his goals include leading the way in 5G implementation and digital transformation by focusing on a leap-frog product development roadmap and creating partnerships with both traditional and next-generation industry leaders to provide solutions for US government, International, and commercial customers.

In addition to his primary job functions, Mr. Amen has been recognized by the Durham Chamber of Commerce for his extraordinary commitment to technology growth. Mr. Amen's passion for leadership in the defense and technology communities can be traced back to his long history prior to Cubic Nuvotronics at Northrop Grumman (and its predecessor subsidiaries, Logicon and Eagle Technologies), where he led organizations focused on satellite ground technologies, training simulator integration, communications and networking, and a variety of software engineering programs.

In addition to full profit and loss responsibility, he grew these organizations through targeted technology R&D investments, enabling the capture of large new programs and achieving year-over-year double digit growth both domestically and international.

Mr. Amen received a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from Northwest Missouri State University, a master’s in information systems from Webster University, and an MBA from George Mason University.

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