Nick Weir

Nick Weir

Head of Federal Delivery


Dr. Nick Weir places AI capabilities directly in the hands of mission users who need it most. He is Head of Federal Delivery at Yurts, an AI platform company modernizing enterprise knowledge and workflows, ensuring efficiency, flexibility, and privacy. Dr. Weir oversees Yurts platform deployment across the federal government, leading a team of scientists and engineers who deploy and optimize the Yurts LLM product on government networks.

Dr. Weir has led Data Science efforts with the US government across many domains including Generative AI/LLMs, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, and Geospatial workflows. Prior to joining Yurts, Dr. Weir led the AWS Public Sector Professional Services Computer Vision team, served as an advisory board member and challenge manager for the SpaceNet non-profit partnership, and was a scientist at IQT's CosmiQ Works geospatial research lab. Dr. Weir is the author of several research and dataset publications in major computer vision conferences.

Dr. Weir holds a PhD in Biochemistry from Harvard University, where he leveraged computer vision and modeling methods to understand cellular behavior. Prior to that he studied Biology at Dartmouth College.

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