Russell Teehan

Col. Russell Teehan

Chief, Portfolio Architect

Space & Missile Systems Center

Colonel Russell Teehan is the Portfolio Architect of the Air
Force Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC). He leads a
team of roughly 200 personnel charged with spearheading the Center’s activities to design an integrated space enterprise architecture and partner with other commercial, allied,
government agencies and our industry partners to enable SMC to smartly design, rapidly acquire, and expeditiously integrate the weapon systems needed to support today’s fight and the
battlefield of tomorrow.
Col Teehan was commissioned in 1993 by USAF Academy.
His career has included a variety of assignments ranging from
basic weapons research at Air Force Research Laboratory,
teaching Physics at USAF Academy, special programs
management at the Space and Missiles Systems Center, and a multitude of Air Staff and OSD Pentagon staff assignments. He recently served as the Commander of the Air Force Research
Laboratory Phillips Research Site where he led a team of 800
personnel and an annual budget of $300 million focused on
advancing technologies to prototype the next generation of Air Force space capabilities

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