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Sean Duguay

Sean Duguay

President and Chief Revenue Officer

M9 Solutions

M9 Solutions President & Chief Revenue Officer Sean DuGuay has served in the GovCon solutions industry since 1996 and has excelled in numerous roles where he drove company growth for several notable firms around the Washington D.C. beltway. He has worked for small, mid-tier, and large companies where he gained experience to be a senior executive. He questions the status quo rather than following old school methods and his experience has allowed him to participate in numerous mergers and acquisitions which have provided him a true understanding of what the market needs and wants. His knowledge of customer mission data sets, challenges with technology and end user issues are where his technical expertise comes to bear. Sean is a teambuilder. Through multiple technology relationships in cyber security, application development, data visualization and human centered design, he can bring powerful teams, solutions and thought leaders to the federal government and its technology partners. As a prime contractor, Sean has assisted multiple federal agencies with mission critical applications and the strongest emerging needs in insider threat. As a subcontractor and teaming partner, he’s proud to bring the niche expertise necessary to fulfill his fellow partner technology gaps. His end goal is helping the federal government achieve its mission and serve the American public in the best way possible. This dedication comes as no secret as Sean is a U. S. Marine who served as a Federal Criminal Investigator/Special agent. Further, Sean is an Eagle Scout award recipient from President Ronald Reagan. He later served at Marine Barracks 8th & I, in Washington, DC with multiple engagements at the White House. He is a member of multiple industry associations where he also plays a leadership role.

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