Sean Roche

Sean Roche

Associate Deputy Director for Digital Innovation

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

In March 2015 Sean P. Roche was named Associate Deputy Director of CIA for Digital Innovation. The Directorate for Digital Innovation is responsible for accelerating the integration of digital and cyber capabilities across all of CIA’s mission areas.

Prior to his assignment to the Directorate for Digital Innovation, Mr. Roche served as the Deputy Director for Science and Technology. In this role he provided daily leadership that enabled the Directorate to attack national intelligence problems with effective targeting, advanced technology and excellent tradecraft.

During his 34 years of federal service, Mr. Roche has been responsible for missions ranging from R&D to Operations and has held a number of leadership positions across the Directorate for Science and Technology. He served as the Director for the Office of Mission Resources (OMR) starting in 2013 and had previously served as the Director for the Office of Integrated Missions (OIM) since 2009. In those roles he provided the mechanisms, expertise, and resources to better enable agile operational responses alongside an improved ability to overcome impediments to DS&T mission needs and emerging capabilities.

Mr. Roche had previously served at the DCI Community Management Staff and in various DS&T Group and Office level positions. In these assignments, he led teams that delivered satellite and airborne reconnaissance systems, developed next generation collection platforms and conducted world-wide sustained clandestine operations. He became a member of the Senior Intelligence Service in 2001.

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