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Steven Shirley

Steven Shirley

Executive Director

Defense Cyber Crime Center

Steven D. Shirley is Executive Director, Defense Cyber Crime Center, Linthicum, Md. The DC3 is a national cyber center with five lines of business: the Defense Computer Forensics Laboratory, the Defense Cyber Investigations Training Academy, the Defense Cyber Crime Institute (for technical solutions), the DC3 Analytical Group, and the Defense Industrial Base Collaborative Information Sharing Environment. Shirley was a principal participant in discussions with security officials of defense contractors, beginning in 2005, which led to a Deputy Secretary of Defense decision in 2007 to create an unprecedented public-private sharing model to exchange cyber threat data. He served in the Air Force where he commanded counterintelligence, antiterrorism and investigative operations at every level of the Air Force. The DC3 operates under the executive agency of the Secretary of the Air Force.

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