Suzanne White

Suzanne White

Deputy Director

Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)

Ms. Suzanne White became the Deputy Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) in October 2018. In this capacity, she assists the Director in executing DIA’s mission and managing a workforce of more than 16,500 military and civilian employees worldwide.

Prior to her assignment as Deputy Director, Ms. White served as the Chief of Staff, starting in August 2014. She exercised an exceptionally wide and complex range of responsibilities to ensure the timely satisfaction of the Agency’s current requirements while developing the plans, process improvements, and strategies that prepare the Agency to meet future requirements.

Prior to this appointment, Ms. White was DIA’s Chief Financial Officer, serving as the principal advisor on Intelligence Community financial and acquisition matters to the DIA Director and Deputy Director, and overseeing DIA’s resource management, program development, manpower, budget execution, contracting, and CFO Act compliance activities. In this capacity, she also managed the Intelligence Community’s General Defense Intelligence Program (GDIP) and Foreign Counterintelligence Program (FCIP) on behalf of the DIA Director.

Ms. White served as the Senior Advisor for and then Director of the Military Intelligence Program (MIP) for USD(I) from 2004-2009. A key architect of the MIP, she was responsible for executive oversight of the planning, programming, budgeting and execution process for the multi-billion dollar MIP, which funds intelligence activities across the Military Departments and several Defense Agencies.

Her earlier positions included Manager of Strategic Planning with General Dynamics Corporation as well as Program Examiner with the Office of Management and Budget, where she oversaw the CIA, GDIP and FCIP budgets as well as the funding for Special Operations Command, the Defense Health Program, NATO, and various other DoD programs.

Ms. White began her career as an internal auditor with Banque Nationale de Paris. She received her BA from Johns Hopkins University and MA from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. She and her husband reside in Washington, D.C with their three children.

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