Tonya Reeder

Tonya Reeder

Chief Information Officer

Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

With a commitment to healthcare innovation and patient-centered solutions, Tonya Reeder stands at the forefront of transforming the intersection of technology and patient care. From a dedicated registered nurse, she has ascended to the pivotal role of Chief Information Officer. Tonya's journey commenced at Columbia Union College, where she honed her nursing skills and developed an empathetic approach towards patient care. Her unwavering dedication and thirst for knowledge led her to the University of Maryland University College, where she obtained dual Master's degrees in Healthcare Administration and Business Administration. This unique blend of clinical expertise and managerial acumen formed the bedrock of her future endeavors. In her current capacity as Chief Information Officer, Tonya orchestrates a dynamic information technology department within the federal government. Her leadership navigates the intricate realm of healthcare technology, where she spearheads initiatives that seek to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge IT solutions with the imperatives of clinical stakeholders. Through strategic vision and collaborative prowess, she ensures that patient populations receive the utmost care in an environment empowered by innovation.

One of Tonya's most remarkable traits is her innate ability to bridge the gap between the clinical and technological realms. Drawing from her background as a nurse, she possesses an intimate understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by healthcare practitioners on the front lines. This empathy fuels her drive to conceive innovative solutions that not only address these challenges but also amplify the efficacy of care delivery.

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