Vincent Bridgeman

Vincent Bridgeman

VP, Intelligence Services

Redhorse Corporation

Vince Bridgeman is the VP of the National Security Services practice for Redhorse where he focuses on enabling intelligence mission users with technology, with a particular focus on Knowledge Graphs as a general purpose technology that unifies data management, data science and analyst experience, and unlocks powerful opportunities for machine learning. He is recognized as an innovative thinker, having contributed foundational concepts and novel initiatives to both the academic literature and the National Security Services practice.

As a career Marine Corps intelligence officer, Mr. Bridgeman has provided intelligence support to tactical, operational, and strategic customers. His experience spans major disciplines and key functions of intelligence, including all-source and geospatial analysis and production, HUMINT collection, collection planning, collection management, and counterintelligence. Mr. Bridgeman has performed a wide range of intelligence duties including providing direct support to military operations, supporting joint war planning, and developing Service and Defense-level strategies and policies. Additionally, he also served as a DoD representative to In Q-Tel—the venture capital arm of the US Intelligence Community—where he gained a deep appreciation of the speed and power of the commercial market to drive technological change, and the challenge the Intelligence Community faces in keeping up with or leveraging that change.

With an expert understanding in the state of US intelligence, a firm grasp of the guiding concept of the US Intelligence program—Decision Advantage—and a proven ability to translate theory into practice, Mr. Bridgeman excels in the design, implementation, optimization, and evaluation of critical intelligence capabilities.

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