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Ultra I&C’s Archer Troposcatter Platform Debuts in Global Defense Market

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Ultra I&C’s Archer Troposcatter Platform Debuts in Global Defense Market

Ultra Intelligence & Communications has announced the launch of its Archer family of troposcatter communication systems to the global defense market, after a demonstration of the beyond-line-of-sight platform’s ability to maintain communications beyond 185 kilometers. 

According to the company, such linking capability meets U.S. Army range requirements for a resilient and secure communications layer. Chris Bishop the company’s chief growth officer, viewed the launch as delivering “crucial capabilities” that customers need most, Ultra I&C said Wednesday.

The Archer platform was tested in diverse operational scenarios to determine its capability to withstand interference and jamming in environments with limited fixed communications, the company added.

Faith Rhodes, Ultra I&C vice president of programs for communications, explained that the troposcatter platform is a cost-effective solution for connecting the gap when satellite communications are inaccessible because of such factors as jamming and remote locations.

Ultra I&C is among the contractors actively involved in the Department of Defense’s Combined Joint All-Domain Command and Control, wherein seamless U.S. communication with global allies is among the vital components.

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