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US Army Eyes Multiple Iterative Exercises to Improve Data Operations

Improving data operations

US Army Eyes Multiple Iterative Exercises to Improve Data Operations

The U.S. Army plans to add iterative exercises in 2023 to continuously test and improve data operations.

Lt. Gen. John Morrison, the Army’s G-6 deputy chief of staff, said during an AFCEA Belvoir conference that in addition to Project Convergence, the service will have “over a dozen” events that would focus on operational technologies. The exercises will involve operators and developers and are designed to allow servicemen to keep abreast of developments in data operations.

Morrison, who spoke at the Potomac Officers Club’s 2022 5G Forum on Sept. 13, said his office will use existing exercises in the Pacific to mature technologies and concepts more quickly. He explained that the purpose of the additional exercises is to learn about technologies, achieve decision-making dominance and adapt to changes in the battlefield, DefenseScoop reported Monday.

Morrison’s vision for the additional exercises differs from Project Convergence, which happens only once a year and lasts around one month per iteration. The format is also different in that instead of tearing down technologies to be set up somewhere else, the Army will leave platforms with the U.S. Army Pacific so trainees will be able to use and develop them.

Morrison said there is a set schedule for the additional events for 2023.

During the ongoing Project Convergence 2022 experiments, participants from the Army, its partners and industry are evaluating around 300 technological applications. According to an Army official, the focus of PC22 is to allow joint task force commanders to assign targets using data gathered by sensors from all services.

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