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US Army Officials Eye Greater Understanding of AI, Potential Uses

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US Army Officials Eye Greater Understanding of AI, Potential Uses

Maj. Gen. Paul Stanton, commander of the U.S. Army Cyber Center of Excellence, said he wants service personnel to understand that artificial intelligence depends on large-scale data aggregation. Speaking at the TechNet Augusta conference, he added that the Army is considering how it can ensure confidence in the externally derived datasets used by AI algorithms.

Stanton noted that at least one member of each center of excellence will undertake a weeklong data literacy course that covers AI. He said the course is expected to develop attendees’ baseline knowledge of how the technology works.

At the conference, Army officials said they are interested in using AI for future operations. Stanton revealed that the Army CCoE is in the early stages of testing a large language model application that assists with doctrine-based research. 

According to Stanton, the tool would survey the Army’s body of knowledge to answer soldiers’ queries about executing maneuvers and conducting operations, Breaking Defense reported Monday.

The CCoE recently fielded an AI capability intended to support decision-making by detecting false information and bots in social media.

Meanwhile, a science adviser from the Army Cyber Command revealed that an AI-based continuous cyber monitoring system is in development.

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