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US Army to Prototype Terrestrial Layer System for Armored Vehicles in 2023

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US Army to Prototype Terrestrial Layer System for Armored Vehicles in 2023

The U.S. Army plans to prototype the Terrestrial Layer System for the Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle in 2023 and potentially field it in 2024.

TLS is an in-development platform for electronic warfare, signals intelligence and cyber aimed at enhancing enemy network disruption and situational awareness capabilities. Lockheed Martin has been the Army’s partner for the program, receiving multiple contracts to deliver military vehicles equipped with versions of the system.

Earlier in April, the company secured a $73 million award to commence design work on a TLS for BAE Systems-made AMPVs, which are meant to replace Vietnam War-era troop carriers.

Mark Kitz, program executive officer for intelligence, electronic warfare and sensors, highlighted the importance of ensuring that the Army and joint services understand future environments. He told attendees of the virtual C4ISRNET conference on Wednesday that seeing and sensing far will be crucial to future operations.

A speaker at a past Potomac Officers Club event, Kitz noted that the Army’s spending on electronic warfare programs has become more precise as combat operations have evolved, Defense News reported.

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