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WInnForum to Launch UAV Industry-Focused Project

WInnForum to Launch UAV Industry-Focused Project

The Wireless Innovation Forum has announced the approval of a project named "Technological State of the Industry on Wireless Drone Networking."

The project will address a broad range of topics related to unmanned autonomous vehicles and the technology's impact on spectrum, said John Glossner, CEO of Optimum Semiconductor Technologies.  

"With emphasis on shared spectrum and multi-stakeholder collaboration, the WInnForum is a perfect place for collaboration on UAV interests," Glossner said.

WInnForum's UAV special interest group will lead a task group in creating a report on business models, key intellectual properties and application programming interface models, the organization announced Tuesday.

The group will also make recommendations for spectrum sharing in vehicle-to-vehicle applications, interference detection and the forum's potential customers and developers.

WInnForum said the project is for the benefit of autonomous vehicle manufacturers, aviation electronics suppliers, automotive electronics suppliers, defense electronics manufacturers, wireless networking integrators, aviation, transportation and wireless telecommunications regulators.

The project might yield future recommendations to industry and regulators and might be designated as a "WinnForum Top Ten Most Wanted Wireless Innovations" topic, the organization said.

WInnForum announced that a launch meeting will be held online on May 22. Committee representatives from member organizations may join the meeting, and trial memberships are available for interested organizations.

Non-member observers and subject matter experts may also be invited by the committee steering group.

WInnForum is a nonprofit mutual benefit corporation established in 2006 to foster spectrum innovation and advance radio technologies for critical communications worldwide. 

Its members leverage their experience in software-defined radio, cognitive radio and dynamic spectrum access technologies, among others.  

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