Al League

Al League

Chief Innovation Officer

Maxar Technologies

Al League is the Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) of MDA Information Systems LLC (MDA) collaborating throughout the corporation, enhancing value and facilitating well-integrated programs, products and services across MDA, our clients and partners. Fostering collaboration, partnerships, and the sharing of information and expertise between and amongst MDA, its clients, partners and the community, Al is evolving a culture of innovation and problem solving.

He excites innovation across the community with positive program impact, concept expansion and positive energy. He identifies strategies, business opportunities, originates new ideas, recognizes and promotes innovative ideas generated by others for new delivery platforms, capabilities, products, services and architectures. Working within the MDA team, the DoD, the Intelligence Community and Information Technology Community at large, he identifies new business models and new industry structures to address and serve the Nation’s most vexing problems.

A leader in the geospatial intelligence community, member of the Senior Executive Service for Defense Intelligence and recipient of the Service to America Medal for National Security and International Affairs, Al is a visionary in innovative technology for geospatial data fusion, visualization, anticipatory intelligence and mission-critical decision support.

A widely recognized thought leader in the spatial information technologies field, Al brings 36 years of experience as a problem solver, senior technical advisor, intelligence officer, solution developer, analyst and operational consumer of geospatial and intelligence information to every challenge and drives for solutions. Having led the development of non-traditional communications and information dissemination methods for actionable, geospatially accurate predictive analysis and also for dynamic information discovery and dissemination.

During his career in the federal civil service, Al ensured that visual spectrum and geospatial intelligence requirements/capabilities were considered in Advanced Systems and Technology establishing partnerships and synergies across the Intelligence Community in general. Focusing on researching, selecting and embracing emerging technologies, while leveraging them against challenges identified by the Director of National Intelligence, Al stood-up the U. S. Government’s Geospatial Intelligence Advancement Testbeds. Al excels at identifying opportunities to increase efficiencies in information sourcing, tasking, collection, leading edge exploitation and dissemination, while integrating state-of-the-art technologies with both commercial off-the-shelf and tailored solutions. After his federal service, Al, as the Chief Scientist of Concurrent Technologies Corporation, expanded the application of these technologies to influence logistics, distance learning and materials management solutions for federal and commercial clients.

As a U.S. Navy Reserve Intelligence Officer, Commander League (ret) served for more than 26 years as a Senior Intelligence Instructor, Special Warfare Intelligence Officer, National Maritime Intelligence Officer and Aviation Intelligence Officer with the Office of Naval Intelligence, the Navy Strike and Air Warfare Command (NSAWC/TOPGUN), Navy Special Operations Group Two, and NATO Commander NORTH.

He is featured in “Leading Innovation in Government,” published by the Partnership for Public Service in March 2011. He received his Bachelor’s Degree from Towson University in 1982, majoring in Geography and Business Administration and holds a Master’s Degree awarded by the Naval War College in National Security and Strategic Studies where he authored “Geospatial Information in the National Security Strategy’” in 1997. Additionally, Al has completed executive residence programs at MIT’s Sloan School of Management in Technology Program Leadership and the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University EXCEL Seminar, the highest course of study for Intelligence Community Leaders.

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