Brandi Szczesny

Brandi Szczesny

Deputy Assistant Secretary of Army for Research and Technology SBIR and xTech Portfolio Liaison, ASA(ALT)

U.S. Department of the Army

Brandi Szczesny is a dynamic leader with extensive experience in facilitating innovative solutions within the Army's ecosystem. With a focus on enhancing small business and non-traditional partner engagements, she plays a pivotal role in evaluating and optimizing programs such as the SBIR, xTech, and STTR initiatives. Her responsibilities encompass strategic planning, budget formulation, and technology assessments, aimed at driving forward the Army's innovation agenda. Ms. Szczesny spearheads internal engagement strategies to heighten leadership awareness of key programs, such as xTech and SBIR, emphasizing their potential impact on Army organizations.

Ms. Szczesny plays a crucial role in shaping the future landscape of technology advancement within the military. She actively collaborates with Army PEOs and transition partners to develop and refine SBIR topics, ensuring alignment with strategic objectives and mission priorities. Ms. Szczesny also champions the acceptance of calculated risk in leveraging AI solutions at the pace of need. By fostering a culture that values agility, she empowers teams to explore cutting-edge AI technologies and methodologies, driving rapid advancements in capability development. Through her leadership, she ensures that the Army remains at the forefront of AI integration, effectively harnessing its transformative potential to meet operational requirements with speed and precision.

Ms. Szczesny started her career supporting PEO IEW&S, during which time she guided critical efforts in support of Army Modernization. Ms. Szczesny brings a unique blend of expertise, leadership and dedication in developing agile military procurement practices. As a key player in Project Linchpin, Ms. Szczesny leveraged innovative procurement vehicles and continuous industry engagement to communicate technology evolution, leading to shaping modernization efforts within the Army’s Signals Intelligence Portfolios.

Brandi has previously shared her expertise at national platforms, including speaking engagements on Procurement, Supply Chain, Small Business Initiatives, and Value Chain Management.

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